On-Premise Laundry

  • Vacation Rentals

    Stop outsourcing your rental property’s laundry! We can help you create an on-premise laundry that saves utility and labor costs while improving linen turnaround. It will also save you money over processing linens elsewhere. We do so by utilizing washer-extractors that reach more 300 G-force, double that of most other front-load washers. The result? Our washers can cut dry time by as much as 40 percent. A shorter dry time also reduces wear and tear on linens and sheets. It also frees up your employees–think of all you can get done! The automatic chemical injection process eliminates the need to manually add chemicals and cuts down on human error, overuse and the price of detergent. drying tumblers and flatwork ironers are also available to quickly and perfectly finish tablecloths, napkins and linens producing a clean and professional look. Our ironers allow for linens to be fed directly from the washer to the ironer–without drying–again cutting labor and utility costs while improving productivity.

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  • Hotels & Motels

    Gone are the days of relying on large linen services. Serving the state of Florida for the last decade, we understand the tourism industry and can help you create a laundry tailored to your needs. We guarantee that our equipment will cut utility and labor costs while improving laundry productivity. The high-extract speeds of our Continental washers are double that of most front-load washers, cutting dry time by as much as 40 percent. A shorter dry time also reduces wear and tear on linens and sheets while simultaneously cutting labor and utility costs. The automatic chemical injection process eliminates the need to add chemicals manually–eliminating overuse and detergent waste. drying tumblers and flatwork ironers are also available to perfectly finish tablecloths, napkins and linens. Our ironers allow for linens to be fed directly from the washer to the ironer–without drying–again cutting labor and utility costs. See productivity soar!

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  • Fire Departments

    Contaminated protective gear exposes firefighters to potentially life-threatening chemicals, biological agents and particulate matter. Industry experts have agreed that our highly programmable washer-extractors are key to washing gear correctly and in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our washer-extractors come equipped with automatic chemical injection, dispersing the right type and amount of detergents and programmable extract speeds–both features make for a more effective decontamination process without wearing down protective fabrics. Finally, our laundry equipment is designed for easy installation in a truck bay, utility room or storage area. No bolts or special foundation needed!

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  • Healthcare Facilities

    Production is key when equipping a laundry in a nursing home, clinic or hospital. Our soft-mount Continental washers have extract speeds that top out at 387-G force, cutting dry time by as much as 40 percent. By doing so, facilities also cut utility costs, gas consumption and labor. Automatic chemical injection ensures the right cleaning chemicals and softeners are used at the appropriate water temperatures and cycles. Our machines properly clean a wide variety of items thanks to an easy-to-us programming system with 79 program selections, including 20 pre-programmed options and 59 user-programmable options; creating a guaranteed clean! Sheets, blankets, towels, bed pads and personals...The washers are programmable to perfectly clean any item with a simple touch of a button!

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  • Bed & Breakfasts

    We understand that saving water, electricity and gas is critical to running a profitable B&B. Our front-load washers use nearly 40 percent less water than most top-load machines–saving up to 20 gallons of water per load. In turn, sewer and water heating costs are significantly reduced. B&B's dependent on holding tanks or septic systems can cut wastewater considerably, and in doing so, save on wastewater removal fees and prevent septic overloading. The freestanding design of our Continental washer-extractors does not require a concrete foundation and can easily fit into the spot your less efficient top-load machines occupied.

  • Correctional Facilities

    Correctional Facilities have a myriad of concerns when it comes to doing laundry, including inmate safety, inventory and fabric longevity and productivity. Our laundry equipment is gentle on inventory such as blankets and sheets; programmable to handle a variety of items, including inmates' personals and rugged mop heads; and is equipped to handle hundreds of pounds of incoming laundry each day. Since inmates often operate the laundry equipment, our equipment is pre-programmable, easy to use and offers lockout safety features.

  • Personal Fabricare

    A growing percentage of items funneled through progressive drycleaning/fabricare facilities are now wetcleaned–often with superior results over traditional methods. Wet cleaning is not only less labor intensive than drycleaning, it's safer for attendants and the environment. It is an effective option for cleaning suede, leathers, silks, cotton and more… We recommend our wetcleaning machines with programmability offering fill levels and temperature, chemical injection capabilities and multiple extract speeds.

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  • industrial laundry

    Industrial Laundries

    Our laundry equipment is packed with features designed to improve productivity, simplify the wash process and turnout a consistent, quality result with each wash; perfect for industrial laundries. Our washers are equipped with automatic chemical injection, high-speed extract and optimum programmability. All create a more productive laundry while lowering energy and labor costs. Industrial laundries need quality equipment in order to turnout a five-star finish on tablecloths, napkins and linens. Our flatwork ironers allow linens to be fed directly from the washer to the ironer, which eliminates dryer conditioning altogether. In doing so, items can be finished in considerably less time using less labor and utilities. When items require drying, our drying tumblers offer programmable controls, ease of use and built-in safety features.

  • Salons & Spas

    By replacing your old top-load washers with our Energy Star-rated washer-extractors, spas and beauty salons consume less water and gas, complete laundry in less time and cut labor expense. Our unmatched high-speed extract washers save 20 gallons per load in comparison to most top loads, and cut dry time by nearly 40 percent. In turn you increase your laundry production and decrease utility costs. The freestanding design means our washers can be installed in unconventional locations such as a closet or supply room without concrete foundations and bolts.

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  • Athletic Facilities

    Our highly efficient washer-extractors are perfect for tackling any cleaning job, and in the process, they cut utility and labor expenses and dramatically improve laundry productivity. We understand that most athletic operations are concerned with improving laundry production and properly washing a variety of items thoroughly and consistently. Our washers, for example, are highly programmable to clean anything–uniforms, towels and more–due to an easy-to-use programming system with 79 program selections, including 20 pre-programmed options and 59 user-programmable options; creating a guaranteed clean! In other words, game-day uniforms are sharp, clean and consistent in color. Our washers, with high programmability, automatic chemical injection and high-speed extract, are critical to a consistent wash every time.

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  • Mobile Home Parks

    Mobile home parks draw more business when they market high-quality vended laundries for their traveling clients. At The Laundry Shop, we work regularly with campgrounds and mobile home parks to size, equip and develop on-site vended laundries designed for superior profitability and customer convenience. We recommend a mix of equipment geared to your clientele, including large capacity, high-speed washers capable of taking on comforters, sleeping bags, throw rugs, blankets and large family-sized loads. Energy efficient and backed by commercial warranties, our equipment is constructed for years of constant use and high quality results.

  • Multi-Family

    Enjoy multiple laundry equipment options, vending/payment system choices and ownership/leasing solutions to perfectly fit your multi-housing laundry goals and unique ownership or management style. Garner Tenant & Resident Appeal – Life’s Good for tenants when their central laundry outshines nearby vended laundries; allows them to quickly and easily complete laundry; and offers high-performance equipment that’s reliable and easy to use. Thanks to high-speed extract, robust basket capacities, and oversized doors for simple loading and unloading, residents enjoy shorter dry times and complete laundry sooner. They also gain more control over how their laundry is washed. Big capacity washers and dryers take on more laundry – helping users complete family sized loads quickly and efficiently. When Life’s Good for residents and guests, they remain on-site to do laundry. This boosts your laundry’s revenue.

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  • Vet Clinics

    Keep soiled and contaminated laundry from piling up with a commercial-grade washer-extractor capable of processing bulky loads. A washer with high-speed extract and superior programmability are critical for a consistent clean and boosted laundry productivity. Safely and quickly wash bedding, blankets, towels, mop heads and rags. Eliminate the possibility of cross contamination from soiled laundry and complete more laundry in significantly less time. Our high-performance machines are simple to operate. Just load, enter a program number and press start. Trust The Laundry Shop to handle all of your vet clinic laundry needs.

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